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Biomedical Waste Service

Biomedical waste management has recently emerged as an issue of major concern not only to hospitals, nursing home authorities but also to the environment. the bio-medical wastes generated from health care units depend upon a number of factors such as waste management methods, type of health care units, occupancy of healthcare units, specialization of healthcare units, ratio of reusable items in use, availability of infrastructure and resources etc.

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Sharps Waste Service

Sharps waste is a form of medical waste composed of used sharps, which includes any device or object used to puncture or lacerate the skin. Sharps waste is classified as biohazardous waste and must be carefully handled. Common medical materials treated as sharps waste are:

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Pharmaceutical Waste Service

Pharmaceutical Waste Hospitals & Chemists

Hospitals generate a substantial amount of pharmaceutical waste some hazardous, some non-hazardous that requires proper drug disposal. Generally, this waste is composed of drugs that have been partially dispensed, but not completely used. Our Medicare services are designed to help hospitals characterize, segregate, transport and properly dispose of these materials, as well as conveniently handle their expired drugs.

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One Time Waste Service

In India, The Bio-medical Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 1998 and further amendments were passed for the regulation of bio-medical waste management. Each state’s Pollution Control Board or Pollution control Committee will be responsible for implementing the new legislation.

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