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Product Supply

1.1. Waste collection Bags & Bins

  • Human / Animal Anatomical Waste (human tissues, organs, body parts).
  • Microbiology & Biotechnology Waste.
  • Solid Waste (Items contaminated with blood and body fluids including cotton, dressings, soiled plaster casts, line beddings, other material contaminated with blood and waste generated from disposable items other than the waste sharps such as tubing, catheters, intravenous sets etc.).

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1.2. Needle Cutter

Syringe Needle Destroyer/ Cutter: Scientific research has discovered that used syringe and needle are very dangerous to human which can cause incurable disease like AIDS, Hepatitis and many more. A unique machine has been developed by Technique to destroy both i.e. needle and syringe in a Safe, Eco-friendly, and cost Effective manner. After switching ON, Insert the used needle to small hole provided and within seconds the needle will be destroyed. Insert the syringe on the top of the machine in the big hole provided with a cutting blade, just pull the lever and syringe will be cut into two. We are supply three types of Needle Cutter.

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1.3. PPC Container

Puncture Proof Disposable Sharp Container for the use of SHARP DISINFACTED & MUTILATED PLASTIC, BODY PARTS & ANATOMICAL TISSUES. The Government has notified bio-medical waste (management & Handling) rules, 1998 which are applicable to all.

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1.4. Awareness Poster

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